Nominate Now for a CMA Award!

The CMA is pleased to offer three (3) methods to submit a nomination for a CMA Award:

Submit an online nomination (NEW!):

Online Award Nomination Form and the Online Awards — Support Material Form

  1. The individual or institution submitting a nomination must be a CMA member in order to access the online form via the Members Only section.
  2. Access your member’s page by logging into your account through the CMA website. Click on Members Only at the top right corner of the web page. (Should you require help with your CMA membership, please contact Alison Ward, Membership Assistant, at 613-567-0099 ext. 222 or
  3. Sign in either into your institution’s account or your individual account to access the Online Awards — Nomination Form and the Online Awards — Support Material Form.
  4. The Forms should be found at the bottom of your member’s homepage on the right hand side after logging in. If not, you can access these forms by clicking on View/Edit My Profile , and choosing the appropriate Form in the drop down tab named Additional .

By Email:

You will find the nomination form (PDF version) on the individual award web page by hovering over the Awards’ tab and selecting the applicable award.

Please send us your nomination package by email through attachments (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.) by Dropbox or by WeTransfer.

Email the CMA at:

By Fax:

Please indicate how many pages are being sent.

Fax Number: 613-233-5438


At any time should you require assistance or have any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Administrative Officer, Suzie-Anne Monast, at 613-567-0099 ext. 240 or at


Please note the CMA will notify you by email upon receiving your nomination package.