CMA bursary program

The CMA offers four types of bursaries to assist museum professionals in the following areas:

Bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis, and due to limited funds, CMA cannot guarantee approval of your application. Note that bursaries are payable at the conclusion of the event upon submission of original receipts, proof of registration or attendance, an evaluation questionnaire and a written report.

Application note: You must apply for a bursary BEFORE the event you are planning to attend. Your application must be received and evaluated before the start date of the event.

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Please read carefully the details on the three bursary types of bursaries to find out which one best fulfill your needs:


Conference Professional Development bursaries are given out to assist individuals with the costs of travel, accommodation, per diem and registration fees related to both nationally and provincial museum conferences.

NOTE: Only travel expenses can be claimed in a Conference bursary application for participation to any CMA conference activity.


Emerging Professional Development bursaries are given out to promote the exchange of knowledge and learning between museum professionals at the beginning of their careers. The program provides financial assistance to individuals to attend short courses, seminars, and workshops.


Bursaries for mid-career professional development are given out to build new competencies and increase individual and institutional performance. Bursaries are provided for specialized museum studies at a national or international level, such as specialized courses, seminars, workshops, and symposia, as well as professional exchanges that promote continuous learning.

Bursary Program At A Glance

Download the Bursary Application Form (PDF)
Guide to completing the application form (PDF)


Applicant Criteria

The CMA bursary program is for individual professional development only. Applications for all types of bursaries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The applicant's past achievements and demonstrated competence.
  • The eligibility or relevance of the proposed event to museum studies.
  • The relevancy of the proposal to the applicant's professional development.
  • The applicant's ability to carry out the professional development activity.
  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens, or have held landed immigrant status for 12 months prior to the application deadline.

Application note: You must apply for a bursary BEFORE the event you are planning to attend.


The following are NOT eligible for CMA bursary funding.

  • Institutional programs, including exhibition development or related research for such programs.
  • Support for speakers or presenters at workshops, seminars, conferences or symposia.
  • Learning activities that are part of an academic program leading to a university undergraduate or graduate degree, or a community college diploma.
  • Learning activities that have already been completed.
  • Support for employees of the Government of Canada, its agencies, and crown corporations. This includes indeterminate, determinate, and contract staff.


  • Individuals who have been refused a bursary may apply again at any time providing eligibility requirements are met.
  • Applicants cannot apply for the same event two years in a row.
  • Only one person per institution will be supported per event.
  • A maximum of five bursaries or $5,000 will be awarded for any single professional development event.
  • A maximum of five individuals from any one institution will be supported in a year.
  • Individuals may receive only one type of bursary from the CMA in any 12-month period, except in the case of Conference bursaries, where only one bursary will be awarded in a 24-month period.
  • Funding from all other sources must be declared on the application.
  • Exact mileage figures must be given when claiming for the use of an automobile. The mileage rate is determined by the current Treasury Board Secretariat policies.

All written reports become the property of the CMA and may be reproduced or published with credit given to the author.

Please note the CMA accepts email and fax submissions of the bursary application form along with all the necessary support material.


Questions? Contact:

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