About CMA Conferences

The CMA hosts three conferences each year:



Held in the fall in a different city, each year CMA develops a symposium focused on a specific area of museum practice, such as exhibitions design, fundraising, marketing, and more.


Museum Enterprises Conference

Focused on revenue generation, retail and food operations, visitor services, admissions, membership, rentals and special events.

Held in January, in Toronto, to coincide with the spring edition of the Toronto Gift Fair.


National Conference

Held every year in a different city in April, this conference is the largest national event convening over 500 senior-level museum professionals from across Canada, including Executive Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Curators, Educators, Interpreters and Senior Managers, as well as Board Members.

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Past Conferences

Photos, programs, awards celebrations and more.


Questions about CMA conferences?

Contact Sue-Ann Ramsden, Director Museum Enterprises: sramsden@museums.ca