MUSE MAGAZINE • July/August 2017

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Inclusive Communities

Mafoya Dossoumon

To stay at the forefront of cultural life, museums continuously engage with their communities, push boundaries and maximize opportunities for participation of people from all backgrounds. ... (Read more…)

John talks with...

Christopher Leitch

John recently talked to Christopher about LGBTQ2 issues at the CMA conference in Ottawa. In the United States, a special committee of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) has put forth standards for museums on addressing LGBTQ issues. ...

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In the Spotlight 

News: Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario... (Read More...)


Overview on Heritage Institutions 2015: 2013 financial and operating data on not for profit .. .
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The Origami Pteranodon

Robert Lang, one of the world’s leading computational origami artists, folded a single sheet of 4.25m-square piece of paper specially made at Papeterie Saint-Armand in Montreal, into a life-size model of a Mesozoic flying reptile, complete with claws and talons. ...

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Food Becomes Art

Craig Youdale

The art world has since the beginning fostered the expression of our inner spirit and the desire to express the beauty of the human condition in many forms. Paint, clay, steel and stone have been used to create imagery of emotion in every corner of the world. A key expression that sometimes gets overlooked is the culinary world, ...
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Art Now with ...

Alexandra Badzak

Alexandra Badzak, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ottawa Art Gallery, discusses her roles and responsibilities in the midst of an historic expansion to the Gallery. The new OAG space, which will house various galleries, exhibition spaces, a studio, café and shop, will stretch a full city block, effectively becoming five times the size of the current facility. ... (Read More...)


The Personal is Profitable: Crowdfunding and Museums

Andrea Tingey

American museums have discovered the secret of philanthropy in the digital age. Can Canadian institutions replicate their success? How much would you pay to own a piece of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers? The iconic footwear from the film the Wizard of Oz was beginning to show signs of deterioration as it neared octogenarian status. ... (Read More...)


Raising Capes Escape Roof with Crowdfunding

Deborah Griffiths

In July 2016, the Courtenay and District Museum, located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, kicked off its first crowdfunding campaign to restore the roof of the historic Capes home. The campaign happened because of a gift from Katherine Capes. Born in 1913, Katherine lived an extraordinary life. ... (Read more.)


“An Outstanding ‘once in a lifetime’ Career Opportunity for Summer 2018”

The Open Palace Programmes offer you the chance to:

Step behind the scenes at some of the most significant palaces and mansions in the UK; Learn from the heritage professionals how to conserve, present and interpret sites and collections; Take part in hands on activities tackling real challenges alongside the experts (Read more.)