MUSE MAGAZINE •  July/August 2019

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Jack Lohman

As the newly elected President of the CMA, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the July/August Muse publication. We have an exciting future ahead, now that we have a new Executive Director, Dr. Vanda Vitali, in place, the on-going financial support from the Government of Canada for CMA’s signature programs and the strong support of our members, we expect that this will be a very busy and productive year. ... (Read more…)

Spotlight news

In the Spotlight 

News: Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta, Ontario. ...
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Museums and Finances.
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Uranium Glass. Raminder Saini and/et Ruth Ormiston. This charming glass vase with its painting of a lily and lily-of-the-valley undergoes a remarkable transformation. ... (Read More...)


The problem with Canada’s tightening grip on where collectors can sell their artwork

Alexander Herman

Last month, Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal rendered a much-anticipated decision involving the attempted export from Canada of a painting by French impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte (1848–1894).

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Connecting people, communities and culture

Tania Muir

Over the last two decades, there has been a significant movement towards strengthening the public dimension of museums, historic sites, cultural, and heritage organizations. ...

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The Kids Conservation Lab

Gyllian Porteous

The Kids Conservation Lab revolves around three activities: ceramics reconstruction, paper tear repair, and penny polishing.

Q&A with Mauray Toutloff ...

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Why go at it alone when you can collaborate?

Elizabeth McCrea

Often, when museums get together, they soon realize, that whether large or small, most are living similar circumstances. They often duplicate efforts in order to educate Canadians on the importance ...

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What’s Next for Canadian Museums?

Keynote presentation at the CMA Conference in Toronto, April 2019

Gail Lord

The 2019 National Conference of the Canadian Museums Association focused on five key areas of challenge which I will address looking forward to the future of museums —  ...

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Benefits Beyond Fees

Lea Batara

Museums and galleries offer a wide variety of insight into culture, history and community. Public accessibility to these institutions is an important aspect in promoting and maintaining museums. ...

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Inspiring Youth While Creating Synergies

Young Canada Works, is one of the CMA’s signature programs that is generously funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage in support of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy. The program is designed to offer summer jobs and internships for Canada’s youth and it continues to deliver, year after year, by significantly contributing ...

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