MUSE MAGAZINE • March/April 2018

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Are you ready?
Emergency preparedness and planning

Naomi Grattan

Hi Muse readers, good to see you again, it's been a while. Almost exactly 10 years ago, I left my role as Director of Communications for CMA to explore different work in the sector across Canada. ... (Read more…)

John talks with...

Senator Patricia Bovey

John met with Senator Patricia Bovey in her East Block Office on Parliament Hill just before Christmas 2017. Her office is installed with Manitoba contemporary art, and highlighted in her office publication Celebrating Manitoba Art. Senator Bovey is also a Fellow of the CMA and of the Royal Society of Art in the U.K. ...

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In the Spotlight 

News: Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan ... (Read More...)


CMA Member Insurance Program in the past 10 years. (Read More...)

Dr. James Muirhead travelled from Scotland in 1790 and settled in Newark, Upper Canada (present day Niagara-on-the-Lake). During the War of 1812, Muirhead served as Surgeon of the Militia, but was captured by the American forces, and held at a prisoner of war camp in Greenbush, New York. ...

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Photographic Collections: Salvaging Water Damage

Chloé Lucas

Collections can suffer water damage for many reasons, from leaking pipes to flooding rivers, with the quantity of water and its cleanliness differing greatly from one case to another. Water damage has a major impact on photographic collections, which are highly sensitive to humidity. ...
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Learning from the flood

Wendy Fitch

The summer of 2013 is one that will not soon be forgotten by Albertans. In June, severe weather and flooding had devastating consequences for many communities, impacting people, their homes, and their places of work. Many museums were impacted by unprecedented flooding. The recovery process was long and challenging, but Alberta’s museums are resilient and determined. ...
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Perspective : Museum of the Highwood

Irene Kerr

When I arrived for work at the museum (located in a former CPR train station) on Thursday, June 20, 2013, I had no idea that the events of that day would have repercussions that would last for years. Around 8:30 a.m. we were informed that the bridge into town was closed. ... (Read More ...)


Building an Emergency Response Network for BC Collections

Heidi Swierenga and Kasey Lee

Imagine it’s 3:00 a.m. and a 10-foot water main in front of your museum bursts. Within minutes, it sends a torrent through your front doors, into the lobby, and on toward the collections areas. Well over an hour later, the nightshift city staff is able to turn off the water. In the meantime, the flood has reached a depth that surpasses your wildest imagination, beyond anything anticipated during previous risk assessments. ...
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Fort Pelly — Livingstone Museum:
A Story of Disaster Recovery

Al Reine

Almost three years have passed since our Saskatchewan community was devastated by a disaster that destroyed our legacy landmark. Most Pelly residents were at the rink for our annual country music festival when word came in. Fire at the museum: the unthinkable. By the time firefighters were on scene the situation was out of control. ... (Read more ...)