MUSE MAGAZINE •  March/April 2019

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What Now? What's Next?

Rebecca MacKenzie

Considering one of primary roles of a museum is to interpret the past, it may be shocking to many visitors that for most museum staff, a great deal of energy is spent thinking about the future. This year's conference theme — What Now? What's Next? — is all about focusing on next steps in rapidly changing times. ... (Read more…)

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Cultural Initiatives in the Outaouais
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Bathythermograph.  One day in 2014, in the small village of Marsoui in the Gaspé Peninsula, the new owners of a small estate decided that this day was perfect ... (Read More...)


What Now?

Attending the 2019 CMA National Conference?

Be sure to check out hese great exhibits while in Toronto!

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What's Next?

Inspired by the 2019 CMA National Conference theme What Now? What's Next?, Muse Magazine wanted to know, What's next for your museum?

Here are some of the highlights coming to Canadian museums in 2019.

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Ingenium's Collections Conservation Centre: Bringing Canada's Past in the Future

Sonia Mendes

If trains could talk, the CP 1201 might enthrall you with the story of its construction in Montreal in 1944, and how it symbolized the end of the steam era in the Angus Shops of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). A workhorse during and after the Second World War, the locomotive could recount how it moved goods, services, and people across the country, ...

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Outaouais: An Overlooked Cultural Frontier

Lucile Godet

While Gatineau may be Quebec’s fourth-biggest city, it remains in the shadows when it comes to the province’s arts and culture. And not without reason. Tucked away in the Outaouais region and bounded by the river of the same name, Gatineau seems to keep a low profile, overshadowed by the capital facing it across the water. ...

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Understanding Travel Insurance

Something we know about museum professionals, is that many of you have a passion for travel. Seeing historic sites abroad, travelling for conferences, research or to work with another museum. Even just taking a relaxing vacation to undo some of the strain of working in the not-for-profit sector. Recently, we wanted to get the expert’s view on travel insurance and Gavin Mosley, a Senior Benefits Consultant  ...

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Outaouais: An Overlooked Cultural Frontier

The full article is available in french only. 

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