MUSE MAGAZINE •  May/June 2019

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Dear CMA Members

Vanda Vitali

I am excited and honored to lead the Canadian Museums Association as the new Executive Director and to build upon its past. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome I received and your support as we enter the next phase of the Association’s vital work. ... (Read more…)

Spotlight news

In the Spotlight 

News Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan. Ontario ...
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CMA Awards Across Canada.
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Manitoba Sampler. The Manitoba Sampler (1944) is a beautifully embroidered map of Manitoba, designed by Eric Bergman and embroidered by members of the Crafts Guild of Manitoba. ... (Read More...)


CMA 2019 Awards Recipients

The CMA Awards for Outstanding Achievement recognize outstanding museum achievement in a variety of categories. Winners are selected by majority vote after assessment by the CMA awards committee.

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Desis in the Diaspora

Ishpreet Singh Anand

Getting an opportunity to work on a truly unique project — Desis in the Diaspora — at the South Asian Studies Institute was no less than a life changing learning and self-discovery experience. The project not only added great value to my professional growth but it also expanded my networks, perspectives and horizons. ...

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Why Design Matters

Sunniva Geuer

How do you go about interesting the visitor in a display of portrait miniatures in a 2,000 square foot space? Or tell the story of a one room school house that was built by the descendants of slaves who made their way from Oklahoma to Alberta in the early 20th century? ...

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New Book

Museum Activism

Only a decade ago, the notion that museums, galleries and heritage organizations might engage in activist practice, with explicit intent to act upon inequalities, injustices and environmental crises, was met with skepticism and often derision. ...

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