MUSE MAGAZINE • November/December 2017

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A New Season

Mafoya Dossoumon

Seasons fly by, fall unfurls a rainbow of colours, and here we are at the final edition of the year. I want to begin by thanking every reader who recently wrote to me and shared thoughts about the magazine. The production team appreciates your feedback at ... (Read more…)

John talks with...

Naheed Nenshi

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has been a major positive force on the City of Calgary and nationally. He was first elected Mayor in 2010 and then re-elected to the position in 2013 and again in October 2017. John met up with him recently at the Glenbow Museum and interviewed him for Muse. ...

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In the Spotlight 

News: Yukon, Nunavut, Russia ... (Read More...)


Celebrating the important milestones of museums.
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This pair of wooden snowshoes, complete with bindings and cloth ties, was worn by Sam Balcom of the Red Cap Snowshoe Club, circa 1910 to 1939. These “Algonquin style” snowshoes are teardrop-shaped with long tails and upturned toes, making them very suitable for the Red Cap Snowshoe Club’s monthly races, ...

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Emerging Professionals

Since 1996, the Young Canada Works (YCW) programme successfully strengthens Canadian heritage and promotes the careers of Canadian youth — emerging professionals who wish to work in museums and heritage organisations. The Department of Canadian Heritage supports the YCW in Heritage Organizations (YCW-HO) component with increasing levels of financial contributions. ...

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Nanotech: The Invisible Revolution

Anouk Gingras, Claire Dumoulin, Lucie Daignault

The Nanotech: The Invisible Revolution exhibition which ran at the Musée de la civilisation from March 9, 2016 to October 15, 2017, offers museum-goers — especially young adults — the chance to take part in the debate surrounding the development of nanotechnology. Throughout the course of their visit, with the help of a duck figurine equipped with an RFID chip, visitors can respond to various statements prompting them to consider their personal views on the topic. ... (Read More ...)


Museums and Refugees: Shining Moment or Missed Opportunity?

Jim Cullen

The ongoing conversations between museum professionals about social responsibility and justice, relevance and public value all compel museums to do more for modern society. The Syrian refugee crisis gives Canadian museums a shining opportunity to turn many of these words into action. ... (Read More ...)


Top 10 Tips to Demystify the Appraisal Process

Erica Claus

Watch what happens when you gain a better appreciation of the appraisal process, and experience how it can make curatorial work, cultivation of donors, collecting and institutional management and governance transparent by gaining the know-how to reduce costs and mitigate risks for individual donors and collecting institutions. ... (Read more ...)


Optimizing Acoustics in Museums

Peter Janis

While newer museums are often built to be able to operate as multi-purpose spaces, most established facilities were designed for a singular purpose — to display and diffuse knowledge and give the public a greater understanding of the world in which we live. Most commonly, static displays in relatively quiet spaces. ... (Read more ...)