MUSE MAGAZINE •  September/October 2018

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The tech issue

David Marskell

Technology is revolutionizing the way we interact with each other and how we consume, view and interact with art. To drive relevance, museums must focus on interpretation — generating fresh, exciting and interactive content. ... (Read more…)

John talks with...

Uncovering a Canadian Injustice

Lubomyr Luciuk is a professor in the department of politics and economics at the Royal Military College of Canada, in Kingston. A prolific author, Dr. Luciuk remains active in the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association and has served as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (1996-1998) and the Parole Board of Canada (2013-2016). ...

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In the Spotlight 

News: Quebec, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Alberta ... (Read More...)


The Internet and Digital Technology. (Read More...)

Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Coach by Elmer Hookway. Elmer Hookway began his career as an itinerant glass worker, making glass in fairs and circuses, after visiting a booth at the precursor to the Canadian National Exhibition as a teenager. He left Toronto in 1904, presumably a few months after the Great Fire of 1904, and  ...

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Expanding the Voices of Fort Calgary

MUSE interviewed Linda McLean, the new CEO of Fort Calgary, about their current project to expand the site and its approach to storytelling and exhibitions development.

A National Historic Site, Fort Calgary is located at the heart of the city of Calgary, at what is called Mohkinsstsis, the ‘Elbow’ at the heart of Blackfoot territory, at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers. It is the birthplace of the modern city, and the traditional territory of the Blackfoot and the people of Treaty 7, ... (Read More ...)


Virtual Accessibility: Interpreting a virtual reality art history experience for blind and partially-sighted users

Peter Pavement

Virtual Reality (VR) and other 3D digital environments are firmly back in fashion for the museum world — the latest wave of the technology has produced a variety of creative responses from the cultural heritage sector and its suppliers. ... (Read More ...)


Chatbots and Museums: The Future of Exhibit Interactivity?

Irene Galea

This November, visitors to Montreal’s Pointe-à-Callière museum will come face-to-face with Marie-Élisabeth Bégon. She will turn when they enter the room, ball gown swinging, and listen carefully as they ask her about life in Montreal in the 1740s. She knows, because she lived it. She’s not real, but she can reply. ... (Read More ...)


The Advent of Cryptocurrencies

Earlier this year, the Bank of Canada Museum launched an exhibition called Decoding E-Money. Comprised of over 60 artifacts, it traces the way Canadians have spent their money over the course of 200 years, including the burgeoning use of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has often been a topic of discussion for illegal activities on the Internet, a speculative investment, or as a futuristic way to make a purchase. MUSE toured Decoding E-Money and spoke with Graham Iddon, museum writer for the Bank of Canada Museum, to get insight on the exhibition. ... (Read more ...)