MUSE MAGAZINE •  September/October 2019

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Dear Muse Readers,

Rebecca MacKenzie

Opening our points of view to others makes our work — our buildings, exhibitions, programs — more effective and accessible. Under the new leadership of our Executive Director, Vanda Vitali, collaboration has become a growing theme here at the CMA. ... (Read more…)

Spotlight news

In the Spotlight 

News: Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia. ...
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PTMA Conferences.
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Watkins Trunk. Following the abolishment of slavery in Canada on August 1st, 1834, many freedom seekers escaping enslavement in the United States made their way to Canada.  ... (Read More...)


CMA Deputy Directors

... moving forward is a strong and collaborative executive management team composed of three Deputy Directors reporting to the Executive Director. All our Deputy Directors have a proven track record of effective collaboration, working with boards, with individual members, with government representatives and other key groups. In this issue of Muse, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, and re-meet, these individuals in their new capacities. ...

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Kimberly Moynahan

Standing on an iceberg off the Labrador coast was not what I envisioned for myself when I started working as a freelance exhibit writer. But there I was.
And I wasn’t alone on that berg or in my delight at being there. With me on that 15,000-year-old chunk of Greenland ice. ...

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Design for All

Madeline Lines

Museums across the country are finding new ways to ensure everyone has a rich and engaging exhibit experience. What can we learn from those who do it best? Spaces designed with accessibility in mind can bring content to life for those with disabilities. We chatted with a few museums setting examples in accessibility across Canada to see what they’re doing now,  ...

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The Ground Floor

Afuwa Renner

While always enjoyable, it’s becoming more common for the ground floor lobby of a large office building to engage with the arts in some way. A permanent, especially commissioned piece, or a simple gallery with white walls and art in frames is what one usually sees. ...

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Building a Brain

Anissa J. Paulsen

“We lead by supporting, empowering and advocating for the BC museum community.” That is the mission statement as outlined by the British Columbia Museums Association (BCMA) Mandate. We represent institutions across our province that consider themselves small, large and everything in between. ...

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