Advertising, support and donations

On this section of our website, you can find information about how you or your organization can support and reach the museum community through advertising and support, as well as donations.

Advertising with the CMA

Advertising with the CMA can be a great way to target products and services to those who make the purchasing decisions in the Canadian museum industry. It’s also an excellent way to support the CMA and the work we do on behalf of the Canadian museum sector. Visit this section of our site to learn more about the various ways you can advertise with the CMA.


Support the work of the CMA and to reach the museum industry, for example through our conferences and events. For more information contact
Sue-Ann Ramsden at


The CMA is a registered charity. Your donations help us in our work to support Canada’s museum community. Your gift inspires and energizes countless friends of museums. For questions or to target a donation to specific program, please contact
Sue Lamothe at
or 613-567-0099 x 229.