The CMA is governed by a constitution and bylaws.

The objects of this Association shall be to advance public museum services in Canada, to promote the welfare and better administration of museums, and to foster a continuing improvement in the qualifications and practices of museums professionals by:

(a) aiding in the improvement of museums and institutions for the collection, preservation, research, exhibition and interpretation of the works of man and nature;

(b) acting, at the national level, as an information consultant and as a clearinghouse for information of interest to museums and museum professionals;

(c) promoting, supporting and developing museum training programs;

(d) advancing among museum employees the observance of high standards of ethical conduct and professional practice;

(e) extending job placement assistance to individuals and institutions;

(f) acting as a spokesman for the museum community in Canada, with a view to protecting and/or furthering its interests;

(g) co-operating with other associations, regional, national and international;

(h) contributing to the public understanding of the functions of museums.

Download Constitution and By-law No. 1 (PDF)