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Barbara A. Tyler
Award in Museum Leadership

Dr. Shirley L. Thomson
Young Curators Award

Partnership Awards

History Alive! Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Museums

ICOM Canada’s International Achievement Award

Awards for Volunteers

Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Museum Volunteer Award, presented by the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums



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Which award should I apply for?

Try using our Which Award? Flowchart! If you’re still unsure, contact our awards department at

What is the deadline for the award nominations?

The deadline for award nominations is November 15th of every year. The only exception is the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Museum: History Alive! which is on October 15th.

When will the CMA provide a response to the nomination submitted?

With a nomination deadline in November, you should be receiving a response in February. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What is some general advice to applicants to increase their success?

Include as much detail and support materials as possible when submitting your application. The more information the jury committee has from your application, the better chance it will stand out from the rest.

How do I fulfill the following criteria: “Projects must be completed during the year of application”?

If your project or accomplishment was launched, initiated, opened or created between November of the year prior to nomination and early November of the current year, you are eligible to apply providing you meet all other requirements and criteria. The project could still be active or available to the public after November but needs to have been launched or initiated before late November.

Do I need to be a CMA member to send in an application/nomination?

Nominations must come or be supported by an individual or institution with a CMA membership. However, nominees do not have to be members of the CMA. Each award has specific nomination requirements, please refer to the awards page for more information.

Do I need to be a museum employee to send in an application/nomination?

Not necessarily, we also accept applications from museum volunteers and members of the board of directors. Nominations may come from the person or group involved in the project or by a third party and must be sponsored by someone with an individual or institutional membership in the CMA.

When are the award winners announced?

With a nomination deadline of November 15th, you should be receiving a response in February. The award winners are publicly announced at the CMA annual conference, typically help in April of that year.