FAQ for the History Alive! Award

1.  How do I know if I fulfill the requirement to be a nominator?

The nominator must be either a member of the CMA or Canada’s History Society. For CMA members, you can either be an individual member or identify your museum/gallery/archive as an institutional member (provided they are in good standing).

If not, please provide a letter from an individual who is a member of the CMA or Canada’s History Society.

2.  When will the CMA provide a response to the nomination submitted?

With a nomination deadline in July 2017, you should be receiving a response in early September.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

3.  If I nominate a project rather than an individual, do I still need to submit a biography or curriculum vitae of the nominee?

You should submit a brief history about the museum, art gallery, archive, or related heritage institution that is being nominated. You can also submit a short biography about the team nominated.

4.  How do I fulfill the following eligibility:

"The award is conferred on accomplishments occurring within the year preceding the nomination deadline"?

If your project or accomplishment was launched, initiated, opened or created between August 2016 and August 1st, 2017, you are eligible to apply providing you meet all other requirements and criteria. The project could still be active or available to the public after July 17, 2017, but needs to have been launched or initiated before August 2017.

5.  What can I submit under “Relevant material” outlined in the Submission Guidelines?

This includes any material not currently outlined in the submission guidelines. You may submit any type of material that provides other or additional information that you think is necessary to understand the project and explains how the project meets the criteria. Please note the required material should provide most if not all the information necessary to explain how the nomination meets the criteria.