Emerging Professional Development Bursary


Assistance with costs of travel, accommodation and registration fees

Activities: short courses, seminars and workshops



Employed by public, non-profit museum, related institution/organization

Required experience:


Part-time: at least 1 year

Volunteers: at least 1 year

Event duration:

At least 1 full day


Up to $500 per event

Up to $700 if remote areas

Eligible Expenses

Travel expenses, accommodation, per diem, and registration fee (Rate: according to Treasury Board Secretariat policies)


1 bursary per individual in any 12 month period



Application Supporting Materials

Completed application form

Detailed program agenda

Learning objectives

Employer/institution letter of support

Résumé (For volunteers, include a statement of volunteer work, with description of work, dates and location(s)

Job description

Claim Supporting Materials

Completed claim form

Original receipts

Proof of attendance

Evaluation questionnaire

500 to 1000 word narrative report

Application Deadline

The bursary application including the required supporting material must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the learning activity.

Claim Deadline

The bursary must be claimed no later than 30 days after completion of the learning activity upon submission of the claim supporting materials.