Appointment as a Fellow is the highest form of recognition bestowed by the Canadian Museums Association. There can be no more than 50 Fellows at any time, and therefore inclusion in this order indicates significant accomplishment.


Brenda Berck Appointed: 1995
René Binette Appointed: 2013
Patricia Bovey Appointed: 2013
Janet Brooke Appointed: 2011
Catherine Cole Appointed: 2014
Yves Dagenais Appointed: 2002
Victoria Dickenson Appointed: 2005
Joanne DiCosimo Appointed: 2008
Nancy Dillow Appointed: 1981
Dorothy Duncan Appointed: 1988
Colin C. Eades, HLM Appointed: 2012
Morris Flewwelling Appointed: 2000
Tom Hill Appointed: 1997
Nancy Hushion Appointed: 1988
Robin Inglis Appointed: 2000
Sharilyn J. Ingram Appointed: 2005
Robert (Bob) Janes Appointed: 2002
Linda Jules Appointed: 2005
Hélène Lamarche Appointed: 2001
Claudette Leclerc Appointed: 2015
Benoît Légaré Appointed: 2015
Philippe Mailhot Appointed: 2013
Carol Mayer Appointed: 2004
Nancy Noble Appointed: 2018
René Rivard Appointed: 2002
Eric Ruff Appointed: 2001
Martin Segger Appointed: 1999
Candace Stevenson Appointed: 2001
Sonja Tanner-Kaplash Appointed: 2004
Lynne Teather Appointed: 2013
Jean Trudel Appointed: 1995
Guy Vadeboncoeur Appointed: 2004
Philip Ward Appointed: 1985
Calvin White Appointed: 2011