Write for Muse: Guidelines

Articles should be written in a high-quality, jargon-free style and contain a minimum of endnotes. All articles are subject to editing for length, clarity and style. Authors will be informed of any significant proposed changes to copy. All articles accepted for publication will be translated and published in English and French. For questions of style, Muse follows The Canadian Press Stylebook and the Gage Canadian Dictionary for English; and Le Ramat de la typographie and Le Petit Robert I for French.

Articles are selected by the editor and the Muse editorial board, and we actively encourage suggestions from the CMA membership. Unsolicited articles are welcome, however we recommend that an abstract be submitted to the editor for consideration prior to developing the article. Expression of interest does not commit Muse to publish a text. Articles will be assessed for content and style.

Please submit the number of illustrations indicated for each type of article. Digital images in various formats (TIFF, JPEG or EPS) should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and can either be emailed or sent via another cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Photo credit information and captions should accompany all images. It is the author's responsibility to receive permission to publish any photographs. Cartoons, tables, and line drawings are also welcome.

All articles should be accompanied by a 50-word biographical statement about the author, and can be submitted in Word format via email to the editor: communications@museums.ca

Article Categories

Muse publishes timely feature articles covering such topics as policy development (collections, personnel, professional development, etc.); building programs; new areas of research; management policies and methods and analysis and reassessment of the disciplines governing museum work. Articles may be controversial, theoretical or journalistic — the goal is to achieve a balance of articles of interest to a wide readership. Projects undertaken by Canadian museologists overseas or international issues that have an impact on Canadian museology are also included.
Illustrations: 8-10 professional quality photographs or other illustrations.
Length: 1,000 - 2,500 words

In each issue, a curator presents a favourite or unique artefact, and offers a personal anecdote about it. Some explain why they like it, some explain its significance to their museum, some how the museum acquired it: the goal is always to share some inside feeling about the object that wouldn't necessarily be included on a didactic panel. (Sample layouts of previous submissions.)
Illustration: photo of the artefact
Length: 200 words

Contributors will receive complimentary copies of the issue in which their article appears. The CMA is very grateful to all of Muse's volunteer contributors, without whom the magazine would not exist.