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March 19, 2019

The Canadian Museums Association (CMA) is pleased to see that the Federal budget just released for 2019 includes ongoing support for Youth Education and Employment, which the CMA has long recommended and managed. Both summer jobs and the internship programs would benefit from additional funding.

Government funding also provides financial support for a variety of established and to new programs, such as those that encourage indigenous languages, foster inclusion, or improve education.

The Federal Government’s budget for 2019 includes an intention to encourage Canadians to donate cultural property of “outstanding significance” and “national importance” to certain designated Canadian institutions, such as museums and public art galleries. Hopefully, this plan will ensure that important cultural property remains here, for the benefit of all.

"The Government of Canada is to be thanked for its foresight, financial support and recognition of the importance of museums and their essential role” stated Dr. Vanda Vitali, Executive Director of the CMA. “We look forward to continued federal support. The CMA and Canadian museums have been, and continue to be cultural leaders through our museum community across Canada.”

About the CMA:
The Canadian Museums Association is the national organization for the advancement of Canada's museum community. The CMA works for the recognition, growth and stability of the sector. Canada’s 2,600 museums and related institutions preserve our collective memory, shape our national identity and promote tolerance and understanding.