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Canadian Museums Association asks Prime Minister to fulfill promise to update National Museum Policy

November 26, 2019

As the 43rd Canadian Parliament gets underway, the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) has, in an  open letter, called on the Prime Minister of Canada to fulfill his Party’s promise to review the National Museum Policy.

While the CMA was encouraged by the public commitment to review the more than 30 year-old policy, the association hopes that museum priorities will be further concretized in the upcoming Speech from the Throne and mandate letters to Cabinet.

During the election period, in collaboration with provincial and territorial colleagues, the CMA had insisted that political parties prioritize museums. The group emphasized the need for a review of the policy, a review of funding streams and a simplification of the funding application process, as well as an expansion of the Museums Assistance Program.

“In an increasingly divisive world, museums are uniquely positioned to unite us and defend our common good. However, without the critical changes we have highlighted, museums, large and small, are at risk of not being able to fulfill their much-needed role in our communities,” stated Dr. Vanda Vitali, Executive Director of the CMA, and Professor Jack Lohman, President of the CMA Board, in their co-signed letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“We anticipate playing a central role and actively participating in the process of reviewing and updating the National Museum Policy, on behalf of our members and the museum community,” they noted.

In the coming weeks, in collaboration with provincial and territorial colleagues, the CMA will be writing relevant Cabinet Ministers and seeking meetings to discuss how best to work with the Government of Canada to advance museum issues.


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