Winter 2020

In this issue

In this issue, we go international.

Rebecca MacKenzie — Communications Manager & Muse Editor

Starting with some inspiration from abroad, Dr. Vanda Vitali brings us with her to two museums in the Middle East, providing wonderful examples of how intelligent museums in other parts of the world, as well as Canada, support a national identity that is both diverse and unified.

Then, we share with you some perspectives on an important report tabled in the Senate last summer. Cultural Diplomacy is a phrase that is gaining traction. Canada’s cultural exports are in demand, but are we doing everything we can to support their success abroad?

We are fortunate to have two CMA Fellows offer their insights. First, the Honourable Patricia Bovey outlines the development of the Cultural Diplomacy report and some planned next steps. Then, Catherine C. Cole presents real-world examples of cultural diplomacy in action and what concrete steps can be taken to support heritage and museum professionals abroad.

Bringing it back to Canada, what does it look like when we deal nation to nation with Indigenous people? Kenneth Favrholdt explores the role of land acknowledgements, offering examples and insights.

We can also consider our environmental impact, which affects the entire planet. Vivienne Gosslein, from the Museum of Vancouver provides instructive ideas on how to reduce and reuse when creating exhibits.

Finally, some updates from the last fall conference season are also included. Be sure to catch up on the highlights from conferences hosted by various museums associations across the country as well as the CMA’s Technology in Museums Symposium, held in Ottawa in December.

Welcome to the new year and the new decade!