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CMA Awards

Awards of Outstanding Achievement

Award of Excellence in Philanthropy

Award of Distinguished Service

Fellows of the CMA

Barbara A. Tyler
Award in Museum Leadership

Dr. Shirley L. Thomson
Young Curators Award

Partnership Awards

History Alive! Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Museums

ICOM Canada’s International Achievement Award

Awards for Volunteers

Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Museum Volunteer Award, presented by the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums


Each year the CMA presents awards to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian museum sector.

The application and nomination deadline for CMA Awards is November 15 every year. *
A volunteer jury conducts a peer review of all submissions and the successful recipients are honoured at the CMA's national conference.

*The nomination deadline for every CMA award and award partnership is November 15 every year, with the exception of the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Museums: History Alive!.

Awards at a Glance

For assistance determining which award is the best fit, use our Which Award? Flowchart.

CMA Awards:

Partnership Awards:

Awards for Volunteers:

  • The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers  is an official honour created by the Crown and is part of the Canadian Honours System. The CMA is proud to have been invited by the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General to recognize volunteers within the museum sector on an annual basis.

  • The Museum Volunteer Award  recognizes individuals or groups who generously volunteer their time and commitment to a museum or related heritage institution and who have made a sustaining impact. This award is a collaboration between the CMA and the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums (CFFM).